Monday, July 29, 2013

Om Thunderstorm 417

This composition is built around a sustained chanting of "Om" with an simple and light echo effect to enrich the sound and make it more full plus a detuning so that there is a delta wave binaural beat created.  There is a thin harmonic layer that cycles delta wave frequencies between 0.1 hz to 3 hz, gently back and forth, always changing in microtonal increments.  There is a 3D thunderstorm track that has a pulsed pink noise Schumann resonance frequency (7.83 hz) plus the four subharmonics (14.3 hz, 20.8 hz, 27.3 hz and 33.8 hz).  They are also done with pulsed pink noise and also create a 3D sound field.  There is also an embedded 417 hz pulsed pink noise and an embedded sound of electrical energy emerging out of a "zero point vacuum field".  There are two layers of actual lightning sounds and a synthesized thunder rumble.

I have been adding a 3D sound field to each composition, because I theorize and feel that it allows the binaural beats to affect more of the brain cells, based on how the brain stores information holographically.  I also theorize that the brain can generate a small amount of zero point energy.  In my studies of zero point energy, drawing pure energy from the vacuum of space, it seems that a lightning bolt draws more energy out of the vacuum field than it takes to produce the lightning bolt.  This is may have been what inspired Tesla to develop the Tesla coil.  What I got was when you replicate within your holographic brain an electrical phenomena, then you make an electrical representation of an electrical phenomena, and essentially duplicate the process in the brain.  In short, using audio representations of zero point electrical energy being drawn out of the field, we can convert our brains into zero point engines, at least during the duration of the sonic meditation.  The quality of the electricity, too, that is generated this way is more healing.

The overall effect of this composition is to get one unstuck in the energy healing process (with solfeggio 417), ground in the Om field, tune the brain to delta waves (and secondarily supporting a subtle retuning to Schumann harmonics), expand the effect to a wide amount of brain cells, and recharge the brain with zero point energy.

The composition is meant to be used with headphones for the deepest effect and can be used to create a peaceful ambient sound environment.  It is more powerful, too, if you "Om" with the composition, at least for a while, so that more cells are involved.  There are about seven layers of sound within this composition.

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