Friday, September 13, 2013

Stargate 741

This composition evolved to become a companion to Aurora 285.  After the composition finally reached a completion, I found that it felt similar to Aurora 285, even though the entire creative process had different music files and considerations behind it.

Stargate 741, like many of them that I have working on recently, is very multi-layered, having approximately 12 to 16 layers of sound mixed and balanced in relationship to each other.  The layers are sometimes formed about a base tone, which is nearly always a solfeggio music note.  A few of the layers have the follow base notes:  63, 174, 285, 417, 741, 852, and 1347.  The last one is a "gate frequency" that seems to shift consciousness in a specific way very immediately.  I have been running these core sounds through some software that can add harmonics, generating the next note up and down the octave scale, taking the core frequencies and finding matches with notes higher and lower on a virtual keyboard mapped out with solfeggio notes.  The same software builds a harmonic richness around each of these notes, making them the peak of a bell shaped curve.  This entire "bell" is then blended with other tracks to produce more harmonics.  Sometimes this creates overlaps where the volume of certain zones of the frequency spectrum become too much.  These peaks are gently EQed back into an MWO field (multi-wave oscillation field, kind of like a richer white noise that is less randomized).  In this manner, a composition can be generated with the solfeggio scale.  A rich ambient texture emerges with little peaks that are solfeggio, usually embedded is a sea of harmonic fifths and some harmonic fourths.

When reviewing the sonic building blocks that were  used, many of them had the "delta wobble" which is a gentle ramping up and down, in slow microtonal steps, a binaural beat of 0.2 hz to 2 hz.  Rather than a very focused sine wave or square, I have found it is better to use a very tight band harmonic thread and then detune it appropriate to make the binaural beat.  It seems that the brain does better with there is a very slight variation and a texture to the sound.  It feels less harsh.  It has more warmth.  The layering of delta wobble tracks gently reinforces the binaural beat.  It is like a gentle overload that seeps into the brain and organizes it, bringing coherence to the levels of dreaming and nondreaming sleep, helping the brain to process experience, digest their meanings, and integrate the data for greater life effectiveness.  If the binaural beat tones are too distinct, it feels like it is drilling and can be intense.  If there is too much built around the sounds, it dilutes the experience.  But if there are layers of compatible binaural beats that reinforce each other, each feeling gentle and woven into the whole tapestry, then there is an effect that is both strong and gentle.  It gives the brain a little wiggle room to do its own processing and it not like a railroad track that forces everything into too tight a groove.  This measure of mind play seems necessary.

There is a thin "ah choir" that has double non-repeats.  The choir sounds were generated on the ZynSubAddFx and have no repeating patterns for two minutes.  This was elongated to about 16 minutes and looped, then dynamic time shifting and a one note shift that is accomplished in 60 minutes of step by step microtonal changes makes the entire track have no repeats, but with enough similarity to give a loose reference point.

There are about three layers that are mainly to add texture and progression to the composition, so that it seems to be going somewhere, into an unknown, where the brain can create its own resolutions.

741 hz is the main note and links with the 1347 hz gate frequency to produce a kind of movement into another dimension.  Hence the composition name is "Stargate 741".  The frequency is about awakening to intuitive wisdom.  One can also intend to tune into something and move towards it, traveling with "mind heart alone" through a kind of calm intending and wanting.  I think that we will eventually understand this and will be able to travel with our mind/heart, without the aid of crude metal space ships.  The travel will be "real" in the sense that it will be equally valid compared to putting our physical bodies into a metal ship and launch it with intense fossil fuel combustion.  It is what it means to travel in our "light body", possibly in spheres of light, with a counter-rotating star tetrahedron engine drawing a portion of infinite energy from the zero point field.

The frequencies are layered so that the borderland between sleeping, dreaming, and waking is felt, bringing conscious awareness and being presence into this space, feeling the place where these worlds interact with each other as part of a larger unified realm.  Dogen Zenji, a Zen master who deeply realized enlightenment, one time said, "The universe is a single bright radiant pearl".  Ambient music can express some of this, sharing how it is possible for a single unified evolving sonic tapestry to be simultaneously be unity and diversity, having a textural richness like the endlessly different experiences we have as sentient beings, and yet an underlying unity which is the music itself.  As the brain rhythm entrains to this, it may open up to something else, like suddenly noticing that we have always been breathing air our whole lives and that our hearts are always beating.

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