Friday, September 13, 2013

A Minor Apology

The compositions mentioned in this blog are not yet uploaded to the Unisonic Ascension site.  When they are, this message will disappear and the needed link to the site will be posted within the write ups of the various compositions.  This process has taken longer than expected.  The person who is uploading and taking care of these compositions for the site is flowing with many changes in her life, and will take care of the uploading when she is able to.  We made an agreement to not hurry the process, so that when they are finally uploaded that they will be as perfect as possible and the download process will be as smooth as possible.

If you feel your own spiritual process feels called to work with these compositions sooner than their uploading.  There are some compositions already uploaded by may work for you and which will be of a similar quality.  All the ones with the name "Ambient Dharma" attached to them are mine.  I also have a youtube channel with many ambient studies on them under the name "Raku777".  This will give a feeling for what I have been working on, though recently there has been a lot of growth in a certain direction that has gone beyond them.

If you are eager to get these compositions sooner than this, you are welcome to email me (send the email address through the blog post, if the posting works as it should, it will be "comments moderated", and will not publish to the site, but I will see it and get back to you).  Blessings.

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